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  • 6 September, 2009

Enomther takes on the Rogers of the world!

Enomther has branched out again and this time hes taken on the Roger’s ROMs.  I am personally very excited about this as full Exchange integration is one of my main requirements.

So there you have it folks.   A Roger’s ROM with as few a changes as a possible and then add-in the feature we want and love.

I’ll keep you updated when I get a chance to install this masterpiece on my phone.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Develoeprs Homepage for more info and downloads.

Quote from Enomther:

I wanted all the same junk from TheOfficial CRx ROM`s, but with the integrated Exchange ActiveSync features.

So, without modifying any pieces of the “core Rogers” build (that is, the framework and apk`s), I`ve added a ton of typical features root users usually want, see the changelog and enjoy!

Here’s the Change log to keep you going.

– added – dual hardware support for dream/sapphire-32B
– added – Auto-Apps2SD, if a 2nd partition exists.
– added – Auto-Compcache 0.5.3 – stable w/ARM fix, (~32MB).
– added – Linux-Swap partition support.
– added – ext2/ext3 partition checking on boot.
– added – modified build.prop (Presents CRC1-US for dream & COC10-US for sapphire-32B)
— Fixes all Market issues
– added – 2.6.27 TheOfficial kernel
— security patched
—— http://www.ryebrye.com/blog/2009/08/…k-in-progress/
—— http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/de…=CVE-2009-2692
—— http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/36038/exploit
— ext2/ext3 fs support, linux-swap
— Multi-Touch support
— unionfs/cifs/fuse fs support
— ipv6 support
— tun and ipsec support
– added – signing into google is “optional”, you can use Wifi
– added – All features controlled by command `expsetup`, run in TerminalApp.
– added – SetCPU functions to expsetup
– added – Cyanogen`s CPUFreqSamplingMOD to expsetup
– added – AndroidStory VSAPP Installer in expsetup
– added – AndroidStory Resource Installer in expsetup
– added – vsapp uninstaller to expsetup
– added – vsapp to /system installer for MT3G users to expsetup
– added – ExpansionPack LogFile generation to expsetup
– added – odex`ing /data/app`s in expsetup
– added – suppress stripping odex files on boot option in expsetup
– added – reboot function in the exp_lib
– added – optional /data/expstick/bin/userinit.sh startup execution
– added – All official AOSP 1.5r3 binaries.
– added – Full (Mostly) featured BusyBox
– added – library support to include /data/expstick/lib
– added – fix_permissions v1.26
– added – lucidREM`s lucid v1.60.03 script
– added – dropbear SSH server & keygen
– added – rwsystem/rosystem scripts
– added – better toolbox in /system/bin
– added – AmazonMP3 App
– added – VoiceSearch
– added – SpareParts app
– added – GoogleMaps to the latest, v3.1.2
– added – andTether 1.52
– added – HTC_IME
– added – Root (su/Superuser.apk)
– added – Terminal App