Enomther TheOfficial Nexus1 Expansion Pack v1.3 Released

Enomther has released an update to the Nexus One ROM or expansion pack for the Google Nexus One called  “TheOfficial Nexus1 ExpansionPack v1.3“.

****** WHAT`s Included/ChangeLog *******
1/12/2010 – v1.3
– De-ODEX`d apps/framework (`cept core) and now 100% Theme-able – So Themers bring us some themes please!!!
– ZipAligned all system apk`s after de-odex`ing (In the ROM and Theme Templates, you`ll wanna re-zipalign after themeing)
— Theme Templates were posted in the “Themes forum” … here … (I did a “white” statusbar text template to speed things along)
– replaced – su/Superuser.apk from Cyan`s Makin` Bacon (So that Themes will be interchangable between the Makin` Bacon and TheOfficial)
– automatic detection and filechecking for ext2/3/4 partitions
– automatic mounting of ext2/3/4 partitions to /system/sd
— If you want apps2sd (I`m not judgin ), you can now use the `lucid` script for that, since ext is auto-mounted.
– startup/boot execution of /data/local/ (in case you want to implement some custom startup stuff )
——– I`m using all this to run a linux distro ———
– added – telnetd binary (a quick/dirty convenience)
– re-linked ps, ls & df to busybox (instead of toolbox)
– added – a pid prioritizer for launcher2
— is a slight bump that helps with the launcher2 lag, not a permanent fix, but helps a lil for now (till we get a code drop)

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.