Enomther TheOfficial Nexus1 v1.7.1 Released

Enomther has released an update to his Nexus One TheOfficial NExus1 taking it to version 1.7.1. I’m not even going to try an summarize all the new features.  Download for yourself or check out the changelog below.

3/9/2010 – v1.7.1
– Updated kernel, to a hybrid kernel (mostly AOSP/KernelOrg + some important cyanogen bits, ty)
— added in AUFS2 + other misc fs support as well
— added compcache modules and rzscontrol
— included all modules in modprobe path
— highmem is default now and she’s much faster
– added/updated – GAPPS from EPE54b dump
– added – AutoBrightness tweaks (more/smoother brightness levels)
– added – 360 rotation, big-ty @optedoblivion (configure in SpareParts)
– added – My Modified Launcher2 (configure in SpareParts)
— supports “optional” Auto-Rotation
—– No app-drawer in landscape view (still hashing this out for pretty-ness)
— supports “optional” Phone/Browser button MOD
—– Tap Phone = Phone, LongPress Phone = Contacts
—– Tap Browser = Browser, LongPress Browser = Send Message
( I will get this up on github soon and likely incorporate some of @ruqqq’s features in the future )
– added – Wysie’s Browser MOD
— Supports FullScreen Browser and “Hide” Zoom Buttons (configure in Browser Settings)
– added – FLAC Audio Support, ty @KennyRoot
– added – Cleaner Reboot/Shutdown service based routines
– added – reboot option in power menu
– added – compcache, “optional” (configure in SpareParts)
— I recommend not using it unless you *know* you need it
– added – linuxswap support, “optional” (configure in SpareParts)
— Again, only if you *know* you need it
(personally I’m messing around w/ cc + lswap with my debian chroot *toy*)
– added – more options to Spareparts
— CPU Min/Max/Governor Settings
— Compcache/LinuxSwap/Swappiness Settings
— Poweroff in QuickCommands
– updated – Wysie’s ContactsMOD to v1.1
– updated – Wifi Tether to v2.0pre7
– updated – Wired(USB) Tether to v1.2
– updated – libaudio, libril and libhtc_ril from EPE54b
— Should be able to experiment with the newer (leaked) radio some, I am anyways now
– updated/added – some binaries from CMMod .. busybox, htop, powertop and bash
– moved – su to xbin, with symlink to bin (per Koush, a backwards compatibility issue)
– disabled – PID prioritizer (not really needed anymore yay! )
– fixed – MMS/SMS Attachment/Picture size issue (ty @cyanogen for the overlay hint)
– fixed – audio/video sync issue during video playback in certain (rare) setups

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.