Enomther TheOfficial Series Expansion Pack Update v2.1.1

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial series.  The expansion packs have been tweaked once more taking them to version v2.1.1.   This does NOT include the TheOfficial Rogers ROM.

Changelog v2.1.1 – 10/24/2009
– another New TheOfficial 2.6.29 kernel
— recompiled w/gcc-4.4.0
— most debugging removed
— kernel module vsapp option back in expsetup (option #13)
—- ipv6, ipsec, tun, netfilter, cifs, fuse, unionfs,
—- cram/squash, misc-other-fs, multi-touch support
– added – teeter game to vsapp installer in expsetup (AOSP/ADP Only)
– added – “Build number” in Settings -> About phone, now displays TheOfficial Build Information
– added – Smarter expansion pack update that does not reinstall previously removed built-in apps
– added – support for custom user.conf setup (see attached user.conf.example)
— To implement place your user.conf in either
———– /data/user.conf (for non-apps2sd users)
— OR —
———– /system/sd/user.conf (for apps2sd users)

— This is entirely “optional”. If a user.conf file does NOT exist, the ROM
— continues to function as it always has, by expsetup/expinit controlling the boot
— and feature setup.

— When used, the userinit/user.conf overrides all expsetup control EXCEPT Apps2SD,
— Phone PID prioritizer & custom execution.

— PLEASE NOTE: The userinit script is “built-in” to the build, you may customize your
—————- user.conf anyway you like, but must use the built-in userinit script.
—————- This is a ported version of huanyu’s userinit scripts for CM.
—————- MEANING: Do not push some other userinit to the ROM, it won’t work.
– updated – binaries in expansion pack to 1.6_r1.2
– updated – LucidREM’s lucid script to version 1.60.22 (it works again)
– updated – GoogleMaps to 3.2 from Eclair Dump
– updated – IM app (AOSP/ADP version)
– updated – All AOSP Themes – to Fix IME suggestions (so be sure to re-download and apply them!!!)
– removed – some entries from PID prioritzation that are really no longer needed
– fixed – Phone Number parsing issue, BIG Thanks to Cyanogen on this, somebody buy him a beer!!!
– fixed – IME Suggestions in AOSP build, Thanks to DOHCtor for pointing this out.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.