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  • 30 November, 2009

Enomther TheOfficial Series v2.3.1.1

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial series.  The expansion packs have been improved once again taking them to version v2.3.1.1.  The biggest bonus to these latest updates is a major speed improvement that should keep everyone happy for some time to come.

Many of the themes have also been updated to support the new release, the sones that havent been completed yet will be done in the next few days.

This does NOT include the TheOfficial Rogers ROM.

Changelog v2.3.1.1 – 11/28/2009 — Smokin’ Fast! —
– added – USB Tethering HERO port to TheOfficial kernel – MadProps to Zinx on this!!!
– added – new custom optimized 5-screen, auto-rotating default launcher to ADP & AOSP builds
—– (so you don’t have to use advanced launcher to get those features, performs a lil better)
– added – libc & libpixelflinger ARM assembly code optimizations – BigUps to CodeAurora on this!!!
– added – New default setting, disables CPUFreqScalingMOD … she just runs better without it!
– added – vm page-cluster optimization setting (long overdue … sheesh)
– added – MySpace app/widget from Eve dump (can be removed in expsetup )
– added – harry_m’s Wired Tether app, thanks again mate! (Can also be removed in expsetup)
– updated – YouTube App (v1.5.08)
– updated – Modded GoogleMaps v3.2.1 app that supports non-US NAV (BigThanks to Brut.all/TAPP!!!)
– reverted – build.prop fingerprints to allow the Market and GoogleMapsMAV to function properly for non-US users
– improved – All ROM’s & Themes optimized with ZipAlign and a newer compression scheme
– removed – last lil bit of debug junk in the kernel, perf boost
– fixed – ExpansionPack & Themes now cleanup after themselves in /cache
—— This was causing a several minor issues for G1 users w/DangerSPL – this is now resolved!
TheOfficial is now StellarFast – enjoy
Also NOTE: LucidREM was kind enough to put together “enomdater”, which is an updater for TheOfficial ROM’s.
(available in the Market, it’s a buck.99 – which is basically a donation that goes to me)
— Just noting in case any missed that in the thread chatter. Thanks again LucidREM!

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.