Enomther TheOfficial TMO/ADP/AOSP Expansion Pack v2.1.2

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial series.  The expansion packs have been improved once again taking them to version v2.1.2.   This does NOT include the TheOfficial Rogers ROM.

Changelog v2.1.2 – 10/29/2009
– Default swappiness set back to 30 (it is recommended you leave as is with compcache, if using linux-swap, recommend not setting higher than 60)
– Default CPU Clocking now 528/245Mhz
– cc backing store is no longer enabled by default
— To enable, enable both compcache & linux-swap in expsetup or use user.conf. This is not recommended. Pure linux-swap should be favored.
– Cyanogen’s CPU FreqSampMOD is enabled by default now.
– disabled – PID prioritization, can still turn back on in expsetup (not recommended) – overall performance and stability suffer when enabled
– readded – the mediaserver boosts to the PID prioritization script for those who want it.
– fixed – ro.modversion in build.prop’s
– changed – the new 10Mb kernel hack option will only have 32MB of compcahe (no longer 64MB, it’s simply too much to compress)
NOTE: I have not posted the “new” 10mb kernel hack options yet. I will update the thread when they are available.
ALSO NOTE: The new “default” settings are enforced on first startup. If you wish, you will need to change in expsetup or your user.conf. It is recommended you utilize the new default settings for best performance, but of course you may change.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.