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  • 21 January, 2010

Google and Apple still going (at it)

Each day brings us more news updates on war between Google and Apple. As you have read in my article before the competition between the “Big Boys” brings us things we benefit from. If you have not read my previous article on this topic please follow this link first. All caught up? Good, now lets move on.

Google’s main goal is advertising, and they do it quiet well via AdMob on the web, but Android powered devices bring in a lot of extra help. In the beginning of Q1 2009 Android contributed to 4% of Web Ads in United States. In Q4 of the very same year the numbers have exploded to 27%.  Lets compare that to the iPhone, Q1 2009 amounts to 51% and Q4 is 54%. Yes their numbers are higher, a lot higher but their growth rate isn’t booming vs. Android where it’s a little past it’s infancy stage. More phone companies install Android OS and with that the community grows at a rapid rate.

Also in my previous article I had told you guys that what ever the outcome of this competition is, we are going to benefit from it. Now surely none of us benefit from these numbers. But Google is adding new features to YouTube like movie rentals. This is something that’s going to go up against iTunes. With the “Big Boys” fighting for the number one spot, we get more options to choose from. Much better pricing options are on the horizon. And with each company trying to raise the bar, the consumers get all of the luxuries of their innovations.

So I say this, let them fight while I enjoy the things they create. Besides a little competition isn’t such a bad thing now is it?