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  • 25 August, 2009

JACxHEROski v1.6 Release with Haykuro Hero Core

 JAC and ccyrowski have just released another verison of the JACxHEROSki ROM, now at Version 1.6.

First A big thanks to Haykuro for providing the system dump of the latest known Hero build. Great contributions from Haykuro always!!! Make sure to thank him!!!

This ROM is based off the latest “HTC” ROM leak 1.79.482.3 with tons of mods enjoy!!

Head to JACs AndroidStory Homepage for more information and downloads.

Here’s the latest change log to keep you going:

– Thanks to Haykruo for the 1.79.482.3 Hero Dump .img`s
* New 2.6.29 kernel = 2.6.29-jac-ski root@DesertLake-Labs #1
* Modified Rosie.apk (tell me how it is)
* Kernel Security Fix
~ The rest is the same as before