KingKlick’s KiNgxKxKlair DroidEris2G1 v0.1 Beta Released

KingKlick has released a new ROM based off the HTC DROID Eris dump that appeared recently. The new ROM called KiNgxKxKlair DroidEris2G1 v0.1 is a beta release so be warned


Version 0.1

– First release, very beta
– Port of the 2.1 Droid Eris leak
– A2sd is automatic! Just have that second EXT partition
– Linux-Swap is enabled by default
– Using King Kernel #6
– Using BFS 315
– No RAM Hack
– MP4 Playback Support
– Youtube playback support
– User.conf is called on and functioning
– Running fix_permissions on firstboot to keep it clean
– GPS broken
– Camera Broken
– Using Raider’s optimized apk’s for now until I optimize them using my method
– Be sure to read OP for instructions, or I’ll bet you your Gapps will not work!
– Many things I am forgetting I will add

Head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and Downloads.