Meltus to release a new app soon: Fully Configurable EQ Settings through Headset

Meltus, developer of the app Louder Volume Hack, has been busy working hard on a brand new hack which he intends to turn into a new app eventually. For those of you not familiar with Louder Volume Hack (currently at v3.5), it pushes customized audio equalizer and volume settings to the /system partition, which provides a significant boost in volume to both the speaker-phone, headset, and Bluetooth devices, along with a major improvement in the clarity of music playback. The app is completely user-configurable, allowing for you to select either volume-specific hacks (which have the potential to increase distortion slightly, although there are numerous variations) or quality-specific hacks which tunes the Equalizer on the phone to increase the clarity and quality of music playback substantially (When using this setting, Meltus recommends using 320kb/s MP3s or preferably FLAC audio files to enjoy the full spectrum of sound). I’ve been using this app since its infancy, and can say it improves both the volume and quality of system sounds (ringers, notifications, etc) and music playback.

The new app will be quite similar to the hack used in Louder Volume Hack, except taken to the next level, by offering fully-configurable Equalizer settings through the headset, which wasn’t available in Louder Volume Hack, and should make everyone who uses their android device as a Portable Music Player quite happy. Meltus is currently doing testing, and has been hard at work tweaking the various configurations (Rock, Bass, and Treble) to ensure they all produce top quality audio through the headset.

He is currently releasing beta versions of the EQ app, and has released various different configurations for users to test in order to receive feedback to properly tune the equalizer. Feel free to check out his Twitter feed for the latest updates and configurations.

On a similar note, Meltus is also hard at work attempting to get Louder Volume Hack working on Nexus, so look forward to something N1-compatible soon.