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  • 6 December, 2009

New Version of Android Manager Released to the Public

Tadeáš Kříž and the rest of the guys developing the Android Manager application have released version  This new version of Android Manager now comes with a proper installer instead of having to extract the ZIP file into a folder and run it there.

- added APK Installer - you can double-click on *.apk file to install it directly to your phone
- added Setup (insted of WinRAR file)
- updated version of librgb565.dll
- some minor improvements in code

Did you know that the Android Manager is supported by AndroidStory?  The AndroidStory release database is used to feed Android Manager with the list of available ROM’s using XML streams. If you have a ROM that is not in the AndroidStory release database, be sure to inform the developer of the ROM and ask them to add it to the release database.

Head over to  http://www.androidmanager.net for more information and downloads.