Nexus One Data Outage…TMO says “It’s not us…call HTC.”

I woke up this morning, turned on my Nexus One, went to the browser and got directed to a page that said I need a webconnect plan from T-Mobile to access the internet. So I checked, absolutely no data connection whatsoever. I called T-Mobile who proceeded to apologize for “any inconvenience I was having” and reset my network connection. No dice. They said it’s not us then, call HTC because we are not allowed to troubleshoot the Nexus One.

Photo courtesy of Engadget

According to Absolutely Android, HTC started receiving phone calls around 6:30am and they are looking into the issue. They hope to have it resolved as soon as they can figure out what is causing it. 🙄

This appears to be a nationwide outage (I have yet to confirm anything globally) and I am going to agree with T-Mobile and say for once it doesn’t have to do with their network. I have switched my SIM to my G1 and my data connection is perfect.

I’ll update you when I find out more. If anyone has any further information regarding this issue, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

**Update: One of our writers spoke with T-Mobile who said they received an internal e-mail from Google saying the outage should be fixed within a couple hours. Still no word on the cause…

***I forgot, here is the number for HTC tech support T-Mobile gave me, in case you feel the need for some verbal fisticuffs 😉


Source: Absolutely Android