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  • 13 December, 2009

Nexus One….The future of Android

You may have read our article about the new “Google phone” that is being set to be released in early 2010. 


The new phone will be manufactured by the mobile giant Taiwanese based HTC. Which also produced such handsets as the MyTouch 3G as well as the T-Mobile G1. The new device is said to run the the latest Android 2.1 firmware, which is not yet available on any stock mobile phones. 


Where other phones have been branded with Google, this device will be the first that Google has actually designed almost the entire software experience. The phone will also not rely on what features a wireless carrier will allow, but rather the features Google sees fit to provide the user. That being said, the device is said to be sold as an unlocked device that can be used with any  carrier that the hardware supports. 


The phone will be able to be purchased directly from Google online, although pricing is not yet available. Stay glued to AndroidStory.com and we’ll bring you the latest about “Nexus One.”