Review of Manup456 Eclair 2.1, 1.5

ROM Review

URL: XDA Forums
Based off: Eclair 2.1
Created By: Manup456 and many more
Download: Manup456 AndroidStory Developer Homepage



First Impressions

When i first booted this Rom the one thing to grab my attention is the boot screen from the nexus one, amazing makes the wait for it to boot interesting. Boot took forever but for a stable éclair Rom with camera ill wait. After waiting for 6 minutes finally the setup appears and so does a forceclose. Setup wizard could not connect to Google’s servers so I skipped to the end and tried the Market sign in method which worked but  more errors and contacts would not sync. Tried a reboot still nothing so i had to import from my sdcard. Gmail synced fine and has worked fine so far…

Score: 2/5

Polish and appeal

This Rom is polished head to toe with éclair graphics and it looks great, the lock screen being one of my favorite parts. Some more features are the Nexus wallpaper ,éclair icons ,contacts app and the phone app to name a few. The looks do not keep up to that of a hero rom but for a fast “normal” build its appealing

Score: 3.5/5

Stability and speed

I have been using this Rom for about 48 hours now with the initial forceclose’s and the usual mp3 store at every boot that’s were the troubles end. This is the fastest éclair Rom I’ve tried everything is instant and so far nothing bad to report

Score: 4/5

Force Close Log

  • During setup
  • MMS  X2
  • Mp3 store x1
  • Upon every reboot:
  • Mp3Store

*Other than that no other force closes

Boot time: 6 minutes 22 seconds

Pre installed app’s, Nothing special SU and Tether apps 2/5
Battery Life, Been my stock Rom for a while and I’m impressed 4/5

Overall, This Rom is fast stable and polished with the addition of camera this is a good everyday Rom for anyone who needs speed and graphics.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5