Sprint announces new 4G (WiMAX) Locations for 2010


Today, Sprint announced that the next generation 4G network (WiMax) will be available in new 8 cities. At the moment, the WiMax service by Sprint is currently available in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle along with many Texas and North Carolina cities. Sprint said last year that they will launch WiMax service in New York, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Washington, D.C in 2010.

“Our 4G network will cover up to 120 million people by the year’s end,” Sprint hopes. Sprint is working hard on 4G network. Maybe Sprint will be the carrier to launch the rumored HTC Supersonic. At this time it is the only phone that comes with WiMax connectivity.

President of 4G network at Sprint, Matt Carter said:

“If you use a computer, a smart phone, a gaming device, a DVD player or any Wi-Fi enabled device, your online life will change for the better when you experience the Sprint 4G difference. And the value of 4G makes using Sprint 3G/4G to enhance all of your wireless devices a no-brainer. While other national wireless carriers are just talking about 4G, the Sprint Now Network already offers the reality of 4G now in a large number of markets across the country, with many more to follow this year,” declared Matt Carter, president of 4G, Sprint.

What do you think about Wimax? Let us know your thoughts and impressions.

[via Android Central]