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  • 4 March, 2010

T-Mobile Tops JD Power Survey Again

T-Mobile is definitely out to please their customers. They (and HTC) were the first to hook us all up with Android, they pushed their service plans further and harder causing the industry to follow-suit, but for some reason their owner still wants to sell them? I’m hoping T-Mobile stays in business and doesn’t get folded into a competitor and it’s for reasons like this – they ranked #1 on the JD Power’s Customer Satisfaction Survey for a 2nd straight time.

T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction among major wireless carrier-owned retail stores for a second consecutive time with a score of 723, performing particularly well with regard to quality of sales staff and price and promotions. Verizon Wireless (722) closely follows T-Mobile in the rankings.

The survey is based on four main factors with their weight (in parenthesis):

  • sales staff (49%)
  • price and promotion (27%)
  • store facility
  • display (10%)

I thought it was interesting that smartphone owners spend longer in-store than typical phone buyers – 4 minutes longer to be exact. Pretty equal and I think there are 2 reasons that counteract eachother. I’m guessing most people purchasing a smartphone already know what phone they want when they walk in the store… obviously they’ve been reading Phandroid and reading our reviews so they’re well informed. On the other hand, activations, data plan options and teaching customers the basics of using their phone probably lengthens their stay.

It looks like T-Mobile and Verizon are the winners of this report, but we’re eager to hear what your thoughts are – obviously understanding it will vary by location, loyalty and other factors. Which I guess is why the aggregate JD Power’s reprot is so telling.

Source: Phandroid