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  • 1 September, 2009

“TheOfficial” If you haven’t tried it, your missing out!

So I started running into some performance problems with the Enomther ROM and was considering removing it and going back to Cyanogen.  I decided to have a quick chat with Enomther and he gave me some things to do.  The results are even more amazing than the first install.

I found out that the dalvik-cache gets carried over between ROM installs and that it can cause problems and that I should delete it, wipe my phone and start again.  Enomther gave me this little guide to follow:

Ok … so reboot into cyanogen’s recovery

Press (Alt+x) to enter the console

Enter the following commands …

mount system
mount system/sd
rm -rf system/sd/dalvik-cache
umount system/sd
umount system

This will bring you back to recovery, from there perform the “Data Wipe” option in the menu.

When it’s done reboot and you should be all good. Of course you’ll have to redo your settings, but your apps will reinstall properly.

Well the results have been amazing.  I performed the wipe this morning and I can say that this is the “FASTEST ROM I HAVE EVER RUN”.  I thought it was fast when I first made the change, but ever since my fix this morning, it’s gone into turbo mode.

If you ever consider installing a new ROM, you should really consider Enomther’s “TheOfficial” series.
Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information, downloads and whole slew of themes to install.
Keep up the awesome work Enomther.