Unlock the Bootloader on your Nexus One

Paul and his team over at Modaco are just rising stars and keep hacking away at the HTC Nexus One.  If you can even call it hacking.  It’s almost like HTC and Google want us to access the device and do what the community does best, Put new custom ROMs on it.

So we rooted the Nexus One. Before it was out. Without a device. Neat, but many knowledgeable commentators in the Android community noted that the root was only possible due to the engineering bootloader shipped on the devices distributed by Google, and that retail devices would likely have locked bootloaders. We told them not to worry… and here’s why.

Retail devices DO have locked bootloaders.

But you can unlock them.

You see, in the bootloader of the Nexus One there is a secret command. A command that, when issued via fastboot, gives you the warning you see here, after which you can merrily unlock your bootloader and flash anything you want onto your device (including our superboot rooting image).

Nice eh?

It’s easy too! Google WANTS you to be able to do whatever you please on your Nexus One, but they also want you to be aware of the consequences.

To unlock your Nexus One’s bootloader simply…

– Download and extract fastboot from here (Windows, Linux and Mac included)
– Run a command prompt / terminal at the directory you just extracted
– Type ‘fastboot-windows oem unlock’ or ‘./fastboot-mac oem unlock’ or ‘./fastboot-linux oem unlock’ (as appropriate)
– Proceed on your merry bootloader unlocked way

Enjoy! smile.gif Big nod to packetlss for the heads up!


Source: Modaco (Android section)