UPDATED – Motorola Droid NOT getting 2.1 update this week…OOPS

Bad news for you Droid owners. It appears as though someone at Motorola made a boo-boo and you will NOT be receiving the rumored 2.1 update this week.  Sorry guys and gals. 😥

The forums manager, Matt, posted that the information was prematurely released and they are embarrassed. 😳

BGR also found that “the Droid update page on Motorola’s website has been pulled and all links to the update page have been deleted from the forums.”

Care to explain, Motorola? Hmmmm?

Source: Boy Genius Report

UPDATE: Sorry folks. Appears there was some confusion in what Matt was actually referring to in his post. Looks like the update is still scheduled for this week. 😉

Matt’s updated post explained that it was just the details that were prematurely released.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
The details posted here and on the Support site were prematurely released for public view. They have been removed from both places. Hope that clears up the confusion

Thank you “Andrew” for clearing that up for us.