Welcome to our first developers

When I firsted start JAB with my single page Jpeg image of an excel spreadsheet listing just a handful of ROM builds and their features, I had no idea it would turn into the site you are seeing today.  I had plenty of ideas but only enough knowledge to be dangerous.  Along came Chris Allen, asking questions, generating ideas and offering his services to take the site to the next level.  What your seeing (and not seeing) is the product of many hours of labor.  Chris has helped transfer AndroidStory to the Joomla platform, provided hosting and worked on the development of the new database which is coming very soon.
I couldn’t have done any of this without him and he deserves as much recognition as anyone.

Now we both can’t do any of the future stuff we want to do without you!  We are doing this for free.  We don’t develop ROMs but we do use them and we greatly appreciate them.  This is our way of paying back to the developers who spend half their lives developing ROM’s for us.  We need you! We need your input! We need your crazy ideas and thoughts about how we can make this site invaluable for the Android community!

The help has started and the input and feedback is arriving.  That all started with the following developers who have joined the AndroidStory site.  So we just wanted to extend a big welcome and thanks to this first round of developers who have registered with AndroidStory and started using our hosting and maintaining their ROM information.

  • Cyanogen
    Cyanogen almost needs no introduction to anybody in the Android community, He has produced some of the fastest and most functional Android Dream/G1 ROMs to date.  Going so far to start porting features from the Donut side of the tree.  Awesome work.
  • Drizzy
    Drizzy has contributed substantially to the Hero side of ROM developments.  He has, from what I hear, one of the fastest and most stable Hero ROMs available for the Dream/G1.  The day I get the courage to try the Haykuro SPL again (Yes, I bricked the first one) is the day I will try his ROMs.
  • Enomther
    A Relative new comer to the Android ROM development community, Enomther already has a very fast and stable product for the Dream/G1.

Extra thanks go out to Drizzy as the first developer to register with AndroidStory and help us test out the file management aspects of the system.  His downloads have also helped stress test the download system with almost 1000 downloads in the 24 hours! So far his mods have been online for about 72 hours and has received over 4500 downloads and STILL going!

Thanks Drizzy

Why would you register as a developer with AndroidStory and what can AndroidStory provide?

Getting the developer community involved.

We are offering FREE hosting for ROMS, THEMES, Applications and any other Android related materials!
We have an online upload system which keeps your files organized, a download system to track your current downloads, the AndriodSPIN database to store change log’s as well as track features and functionality within your release!
– Screenshots! We already have an extensive collection of screen shots for many of the builds in the database but we do need to get more.  Submit your screen shots and have them posted with your ROMs, Themes, Apps etc. Are you running a render of Hero? Submit a screenshot of different features. All screenshots welcome!

Developer related articles

We’ll be posting articles, guides, how-to’s and other technical information you have created from using your Android Device. Submit articles you would like published and we will find a home for it for the community!

( Please note: Articles must be original and not copied from other web sources unless authorized by the original author )

What is planned for the future?

AndroidStory DB! ( Upgraded and Beefed up like NEVER BEFORE!! )

Our system ( Known as the AndroidStory DB ) will be able to provide you with a simple way to publish your releases to the community as well as give you insight into download information and feedback! The new system will include a way to discuss certain ROM releases…….

Once the new system is in place you will be able to give the Android community a better view into the Android platform and with each new release in the database, you’ll be able to manage the following:

  • Change Logs
  • Versions / Releases
  • Device Compatibility
  • Features
  • Screen Shots

The system will automatically keep your change log history and generate a release specific screen for people to browse.

The new database will also contain a complete list of Android Devices and their specifications and features for current and confirmed future hardware releases.