WesGarner WG-Build 10 – CM *Fastest Ever*

WesGarner has released yet another update to his WG-Build ROM. Build 10 has been updated to the latest CyanogenMOD and sprinkling of other enhancements to make your experience even better.

Build 10: AndroidStory

CFS with 10MB RAM Hack
CFS without RAM Hack (for 3D Gamers)
BFS with RAM Hack

Incremental updates/changes (selectable on link, run those updates AFTER installing Build 10)

(No reboot necessary before incremental update):
Facebook App Install
International GMaps Hack (an actual
Advanced Launcher Replacement (an actual
* Upgrade base to CM
* Removed SquashFS to increase speed GREATLY
* Using Dwang’s Browser.apk to fix bug
* Added Google Weather/News Widget
* Wysie’s Eclair Contacts.apk v1.72
* Added Eclair Ringtones/Notifications/etc
* More changes that I forgot lol
* Added Facebook Install to install the latest FBook
* I forgot the AudioMod, sorry!
This is a prequel to my next build (Build X)
Going to build it from scratch with many kernel changes for better speed
Will include customized CM Kernel(adding/removing some things, experimenting with I/O Schedulers), Adjusted Framework (to fix bugs), Stericson’s LockScreen, and finally complete stability with amazing speed

For more information, or to download the latest release, head over to  WesGarner’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage or head over to his thread in the AndroidStory forums