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  • 21 August, 2009

Who’s gonna pick up the slack?

Now that JesusFreke is gone, who’s gonna pick up the slack?

We all waited for the CRC1 release from JesusFreke and it never appeared and now we know why! He’s retiring!
So who is going to pick up the slack from where JesusFreke left off?  I think that question has already been answered.

Just days after the official CRC1 (or CRC37 in Europe) update was released, a selection of ROMs appeared, fully hacked and working, with options.  Thoses releases are:

  • TheOfficial TMO CRC1 – US
  • TheOfficial HTC ADP 1.5 CRC
  • TheOfficial TMO CRC37 – EU

Each of these ROMs are available as a base option that is almost the binary release from the manufacturer, just rooted.
Then there is an Expansion pack that can be added to any of these builds to increased the functionality.

These ROMs where create and released by Enomther.

Enomther is now an active member of the AndroidStory Developer Network and his ROM’s can be found on Enomthers AndroidStory Developer Homepage.

Of course we have Cyanogen.  Cyanogen is easily the leader of current ROM development.  If you want the most advanced functionality and the latest builds from the Google source, including features from the Donut branch, then Cyanogen is your man.  Cyanogen latest ROMs can be found on Cyanogens AndroidStory Developer Homepage.

Remember, these ROMs are built by people who do this for a hobby and if we don’t keep giving them a reason to continue their great work, they start disappearing.

Most of the ROM developers accept donations for their work.  if you like what your downloading and using for FREE, let them know. Make a donation.

Donate to Cyanogen HERE.

Donate to Enomther HERE.

We accept donations too! Donate to AndroidStory’s hosting fund Here.