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  • 29 January, 2010

Should Android Worry About iPad? Doubt It.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past few days, you wouldn’t have heard about Apple’s new gadget the iPad.  The iPad is an Apple tablet that’s a basically an enlarged iTouch with a not-so-appealing name.  It’s packing a 9.7″ Touchscreen, weighs in at 1.5lbs and it’s powered by their new 1ghz A4 processing chip.  It has all the functionality of an iphone, of course without the phone part.  Apple is also throwing in a new book store, which is bringing in features seen on the Kindle and Nook into play.  Many have been speculating that it might even hurt Kindle’s sales.

Should Android be worried?  Not really.  The iPad lacks multi-tasking which is a key feature in most devices.  The ability to multi-task is something that we’ve now seen on Android as well as Palm’s Web OS.  You think Apple would get the hint?  It also lacks a camera, but I wouldn’t want to take a picture with a 10″ 1.5lb tablet either.

There is the possibility of an Android Tablet, titled “The Sholes” coming out.  No confirmation on that yet.  In the near future, I see Android being powered on newer netbooks later in 2010.  With the iPad going at the minimum of $499 with a $30 charge for At&t 3G service, you might as well get a netbook.  Just make sure you don’t get At&t’s network.  The iPad is all together a traveling device.  Who would want to travel with that beast?  At&t disappointed many loyal Apple fanboy’s at Macworld, which is good news for Android.

Don’t worry, Android lovers, the time will come when Android releases a tablet, or netbook with bigger and better features than the iMaxiPad.  Including multi-tasking.