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  • 2 March, 2010

Android Market: A success story

Hey look, a success story for an Android developer!  We’ve been waiting for the day when a developer steps up and says, “Hey!  I make pretty decent money from Android!”  While it’s not quite the runaway success that Trism was, Edward Kim is tickled pink with his app’s performance.  We’re only too happy to share his story.

Kim’s app, Car Locator, started out as something he did on the side when he was on vacation. Fast forward about 5 months and just under 7,000 downloads later and his app is on pace to grab $13,000 a month. The free version of his app has seen over 70,000 downloads of its own as well. So what’s the secret? Turns out, it might be Google.

Car Locator is now a featured app in the Android Market. This means that you see the name and app more often than you do for other titles. You’ll see the application sliding in and out of the front page of the market each time you open it up.

In terms of overall paid apps, Kim estimates that he’s somewhere in the ballpark of 100-200th. Can we assume that there are this many other developers enjoying a similar fate? Hard to say. The featured status is probably the key. It also doesn’t hurt when you can put “3rd place in ADC2” in your app’s description.

You read more about Kim’s app at his blog.

Car Locator
[SOURCE AndroidGuys]