Android take the lead in Free Applications !

Android Market has the greatest percentage of free applications

Every big mobile OS manufacture in this World has their own App store. Apple, Android, RIM, Nokia Ovi, Palm and last but not least Windows Mobile. Two companies are leading, Apple and Android.

Distimo, a dutch analytic company that tracks app stores and tell us about them made a little presentation (below) in which you will see information about all the App stores. They introduced this presentation during the MWC last week named “Mobile Application Stores – State Of Play”.

One thing is clear that Android is moving very fast, and it will catch Apple soon.  At the moment, Apple is  is ahead of everyone if we talk about “How many Apps are  in the store?”.  Android beats Apple in free applications.  Android has 57% of free applications and Apple has only 25%. But dont forget the quantity of apps.  Apple has 150k+ apps and Android has only 20,000.  It’s mean the total number of free apps at Apple store is nearly 38,000, more than the total quantity of Apps in Android store.  I hope Android will take the lead soon. Apple is an old player so it’s ok.

Watch the presentation for more.

Source: Androidandme