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  • 10 September, 2009

AndroidStory biased? I hope not…!

I’ve had some feedback recently indicating that AndroidStory may have become biased and unfair.  That we have been too focused on the Enomther Roms and negative about Cyanogen’s ROMs.  I can assure you that this is not my intention.  We may have been pushing people to try the Enomther ROMs but that is due to their recent surge in the community.  Cyanogen is doing some amazing work and the new features he is adding will greatly enhance the ROMs that get released by any developer.  The only downside to his latest releases is the amount of features he has been adding had made the latest Experimental releases more risky for the average user.  That said, they are experimental builds and “Use at your own risk” is plastered all over them.

Additionally, Enomther’s ROMs have had more air time on AndroidStory due to Enomther releasing more stable releases, and I’ve been running them for my everyday phone.  This has allowed me to provide feedback about my experience and promote another developers work.  This has given the Enomther ROMs greater exposure and Cyaongens ROMs less exposure but I can’t write and promote ROM’s that I am not currently using and I don’t have spare phones, like many people, to run multiple ROM’s and report on them.

Previously I had run Cyanogen’s latest and greatest experimental for my everyday phone but a couple of the latest releases, In my opinion, had become too experimental to risk using for your main everyday phone.

AndroidStory is not just about the latest and greatest in ROMs but also about getting new releases out to noobs and experienced phone rooters and the Enomther ROMs have been extremely stable and fast so stearing people towards using these ROMs is in the interest of the users. I also think that the Roger’s ROMs in general have not had enough attention in the community. 

The community has also been very focused on the Hero builds with the added functionality and flashy graphics that they offer but again, to me, I still considered these experimental in nature and not your everyday ROM’s.

As this changes and next gen features that Cyaongen brings to the community stat changing this and making everybody’s ROMs faster and more usable, we will report on this.

So again the Cyanogen ROMs are some of the most advanced ROMs around. His stable release is an excellent piece of work and his experimental builds are the pinnacle of new Android technologies and features.  For your everyday builds I would still recommend using:

Cyanogens Stable Release which can be found at Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.

Enomthers “TheOfficial” series of ROMs which can found at Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.

These recommendations are based on my own personal experience and there are other ROMs available that I’m sure are just as worthy of my recommendation, but I haven’t run them yet!