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  • 11 September, 2009

KB7SQI`s Rogers Mod 2.0

Another Rogers ROM shows itself in the Android World! This one is per request by the user base on XDA forums and comes to you all with APPS2SD disabled at first with option to enable. There are also a few other things disabled in case you dont want to utilize them. Please check the notes from the developer for more info.

 Head over to KB7SQI’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and direct downloads.


I decided to take a few steps back & re-create what I originally set out to do. One simple task, create an updated version of Virtudude’s V3 Mod. That’s what this new release has accomplished. This build is based off the latest Rogers HTC Dream Update 1.86.631.1 release on 08/25/2009. Thanks goes out to Charrion for risking his Dream & providing the dump! Here’s the information posted on their web site:

The ROM software update posted below provides several key enhancements for your HTC Dream:
-Improves the overall device functionality and stability
-Enables correct SMS timestamp
-Enables Chinese character display for POP3 HTML Emails
-Corrects E-mail client exchange Issues

V2.0 – Almost a completely new build.
– Support for the myTouch 3g!
– Recompiled kernel, & all modules.
– Replaced stock Mms.apk w/ rgv151’s latest modified version – fixes led notification
– Cleaned up the boot process. /system/init.rc & /system/runme.sh no longer provided
– New /system/bin/system_init & /system/bin/userinit scripts. If you want auto compache, Set the CPU max/min settings, & use Cynogen’s CPUFreqSamplingMOD, copy the /system/bin/userinit script to /system/sd/userinit.sh and modify accordingly. Thanks alot to Enomther for most of this work! It basically came from his great /system/bin/expinit script.
– Updated to the latest lucid script – if you want apps2sd, use lucid -a -sd and it’ll push all the apps to the sd. The system_init script fsck’s & mounts /system/sd properly on boot up.
– included nano in xbin.cramfs
– updated the apn-conf.xml listing again. Thanks to allla’s rogers build!
– updated the fixperm script to the latest v1.29
– And some other changes, I’m sure I forgot. 😉