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  • 15 March, 2010

App Review: Around Me

Ever find yourself in a new area wondering “Where is the closest bank/gas station/restaurant/whatever.” Around Me is now there to help you answer that.

Available on Android phones. The app is focused on bringing the user the names of businesses nearby based on category. It is apparent that AroundMe’s goal is to provide the information the user is looking for in the least amount of taps possible. So if I’m looking for the nearest hospitals in my area, I only have have to tap to open the app, and tap hospitals.

There isn’t much more to the application aside from its ease of use. Users can choose to set a location instead of allowing the phone to automatically set it as well. This app would be extremely handy if you were in an unfamiliar part of town or on vacation as it offers many categories that would be useful. Once a location is found, users can tap it to receive the contact information or choose to route or map the location in Google Maps.

Overall the app is an extremely simple one without much bloat or features but it offers an experience that is simple and easy to access. If you travel a lot or just like to see what is closest to you, this app offers an amazing look at everything around you.

[Source Android App Review]