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  • 10 February, 2010

Backflip Headed to At&t in March for $99?

There’s a rumor flying around on Phandroid.com, saying the Backflip will be released under At&t March 7th.  The rumored price is $324 unsubsidized and a possible $99 with a two contract.

The phone will be At&t’s entry level Android device, running Android 1.5 with motoblur.   It’s also been said that the Backflip will not feature Gmail, but yahoo mail instead.  Other Google Apps may also not be included.  Does anyone still use yahoo mail?

I’m sure the Google Market will have all apps available, and hopefully will be able to run on At&t’s network.  It’s also rumored that the CLIQ for T-Mobile will receive a 2.1 update.  I’m sure the Backflip will see the same update.

I”m curious to see how this phone will sell, since Motoblur hasn’t appealed to the Android Community.  Will we just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Source: Androidandme.com, Phandroid.com