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  • 1 February, 2010

Bravo Update: Running Eclair? New Line of Androids?

Turns out that the Bravo is not going to run Sense UI.  On T-mobile’s description of the device in there streamline, it’s said to be running Eclair 2.1,.  The Bravo is pretty much the Nexus One, with a more rubber-like-material on parts of the phone.  As well as some hardware buttons.  I got confirmation that I’ll have the device a month before it’s release, so many video’s will be posted on this site.  Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention.  Bravo is hitting T-Mobile mid April, 2010.  I’ll have the exact date in another two weeks. Again, I’ll post more as soon as I know more.

I have one other thing that i’ve been investigating.  According to my source, T-Mobile is getting a small line of Android devices for the everyday users.  T-Mobile and Google are working on a line of phones, that essentially run Android, but is not at a smartphone level.  A device with a simple user interface, that will attract the less geeky area of the Google’s customers.  I don’t know much about it, but will soon.  It seems like a good idea, that would help out Google’s marketing strategy, which so far isn’t a good one.