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  • 23 August, 2009

Cyanogen v4.0.2 Released

Cyanogen has released another version of his stable branch of ROMs for the TMobile G1 / HTC Dream and HTC Magic 32B.
Head over to Cyanogen’s Homepage to find out more.

For now, here’s the lastest change log:

Changes in v4.0.2
* Possible fix for the “slow ring display” issue (from itp)
* More Donut guts (mainly graphics/display code)
* Turned off debug in the Mms app (rgv)
* Fix for a few security issues
* Modified cgroups a bit, should improve responsiveness
* Vibrate-every-45 is off by default now
* Added the dropbear SSH server into xbin
* Dalvik update
* Other things