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  • 23 August, 2009

Enomther Releases “The Official” T-Mobile and HTC ADP 1.5-CRC1 v1.6.3

Enomther has released another version of his “The Official” T-Mobile and HTC ADP 1.5-CRC1 ROMs for the TMobile G1 / HTC Dream and HTC Magic 32B.

Head over to Enomther’s Homepage to find out more.

For now, here’s the lastest change log:

v1.6.3 – 08/22/2009 – New Release
– added – MyTouch3G (Sapphire 32B) support
– added – new 2.6.27 TheOfficial kernel
— v1.5.2 security patch
— Multi-Touch support
— unionfs/cifs/fuse fs support
— ipv6 support
— tun and ipsec support
– added – Kernel Modules to vsapp resource section
(NOTE: You’ll need to add this vsapp for fs, ipv6 and tun support)

– added – vsapp uninstaller to expsetup
– added – vsapp to /system installer for MT3G users to expsetup
– added – ExpansionPack LogFile generation to expsetup
– added – WorkEMail as built-in vsapp
– updated – GoogleMaps to v3.1.2
– updated – andTether to v1.5.2
– fixed – CRC37-EU is now displayed properly