CyanogenMOD Released with more Eclair

Cyanogen has just released an update for the most downloaded ROM available today. The newest build includes some performance tweaks, visual enhancements and few bugs fixes.

—- v4.2.10.1
* Fixed typos in the APN list

—- v4.2.10
* Services bugs fixed
* Webkit backported from Eclair
* Eclair stuff: Browser (no MT yet, sorry), Calculator, IME, Alarm Clock, lots of other guts (including MT API)
* Updated kernel + compcache (also took dwangs’s advice about deadline iosched + fifo_batch=1)
* Updated APN list (thanks PsychoI3oy)
* Contacts app updated to Wysie’s 2.0
* Updated translations from plauclair
* Disabled precise GC- it uses more memory
* Removed T-Mobile IM app
* Updated Amazon MP3 app
* Many, many other bugfixes

To download or for more information about the release, go to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.