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  • 23 December, 2009

LG Prada 3 to be Android device, coming to Sprint

At the top of LG’s cell phone lineup sits the Prada, a high end touch screen phone with a QWERTY keyboard. The first two iterations of this device have been only sold without carrier subsidies in the US, a marketing strategy that has very limited success in the US market. Both versions of the phone to date have run LG’s proprietary OS.

Today we hear a rumor that the next version of the device, the LG Prada 3, is coming to the US by way of Sprint and will be running Android. It is likely, as a quality hardware keyboard has been a signature feature of previous Prada phones, that this will be a high end Android phone complete with an excellent physical keyboard. As such, it should make a very strong competitor to phones like the Cliq and the Droid.

Just a year and a few months after the launch of the Android platform, it is clearly becoming the OS of choice for high end smart phones.