Daylight Savings Time Glitch – Travel In Time With Your Text

Our good friend richiedaze (dude! do some work on your twitter) gave us a heads on some really funny and interesting news!

Did any of you notice the issues as soon as the daylight savings kicked in?  It appears that the Motorola CLIQ and apparently on the T-Mobile G1 has time stamp issues on some GTalk and GVoice are incorrect.  I’m sure other devices have the same issue, but at this time this is all that has been brought to our attention.

Did you ever watch Back to the Future?  Now it’s time to experience it!

Apparently, if you have the Daylight Savings Time issue and you text someone, when they text you back , the time stamp from the message you receive back is before the time stamp of the one you sent.

One post was found on the Motorola support forums with an answer from Motorola saying:

The phone depends on the tower to get network time if the phone is set to automatic. If the tower is providing the correct time then it should correct itself. It is possible for people in the same house to be connected to two different towers. In order to phones to have better coverage the towers signals overlap to some degree. In these overlap areas phones right next to each other might be connected to two different towers. I remember when the adjusted when DST started and ended. There were some cell towers that weren’t updated for this change and therefore some users phones were showing the incorrect time.

Anyone else having this same issue?