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  • 2 December, 2009

DSTL1/N21 Now have an official Donut 1.6 rom

General Mobile has released an official 1.6 Donut upgrade for the DSTL1. N21 users can also use the current upgrade. This update has tons of added features and functionality. There is also a rooted version of the upgrade, right here on AndroidStory.

Features include the following:


• Added Bluetooth send function.
• Added new android keyboard. It is easy to use and more graphical.
• New visual style, at the bottom of main screen you can see programs,phone,message and widgets button.
• Improved touch screen sensivity
• Improved video playback cabability.
• Added Dual SIM card selection option. You can select only SIM1, only SIM2 or dual SIM option.
• LCD screen is now compitable with WQVGA resolution.
• Added Data Connection control for SIM1 and SIM2. You can activate or deactivate data connections for both SIM1 and SIM2 respectively.
• Improved Wi-Fi connection.
• Added task manager under notification bar. (You can view and end programs from this option.)
• Improved call history. You don’t need to see all call history for one number on main screen. You can select whether Display by group or Display by date option.
• Improved battery consumption.
• Other bug fixes and product improvements (see release notes).



For more information, and to download the current rooted version of this update, head over to crzyruski’s development page.


For more information regarding the offical release, visit General Mobile.