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  • 2 December, 2009

Jubeh releases his final beta version of 2.0 AOSP

Today Jubeh releases his final beta version of his 2.0 AOSP rom. This version has quite a few updates since v3. This will be the last release on the rom until camera and sync for the Dream/G1 in 2.0.

-=Final Beta Version=-
12/02/09 9:31 AM
Android 2.0 AOSP Master Final Beta Version:
(no wipe should be necessary, but if you encounter problems, do wipe and re-flash)
(this will be the final beta version, the full final version will be exactly this but when camera and google sync is fully working, otherwise, this is as far as we go)
MD5SUM: 6fd37dc9a25292350aec6c9a8493139e


Check out Jubeh’s development page for more infomation, and the latest download.