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  • 19 September, 2009

Enomther Rogers v1.8.4 Released

Enomther has released version v1.8.4 of his Rogers ROM for the TMobile G1 / Dream and MyTouch3G / Sapphire. His latest release has been substantially tweaked in the way it handles syncing with Microsoft Exchange and the lag that would ensue once the synchronization kicked off in the background.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.




– reverted/fixed – APN list to a known working list
– tweaked – PID prioritization
— Smoothed out the UI a lil bit
— Greatly reduced phone “lag” when sync’ing w/Exchange in the background
– updated – lucid script to 1.60.5
— NOTE: This is now more compatible with “TheOfficial”, Thanks to LucidREM
— and you can use this to obtain the Meltus audio mods.
—- For example, to obtain Meltus v7 audio mod, run “lucid -au v7” in the terminal after su.