Enomther TheOfficial Rogers v1.9.1

Enomther has released another update to his TheOfficial Rogers release taking it to version v1.9.1.  He was hoping to have a Donut build of the Rogers series but we are all still waiting for the official update to drop. Anybody heard anything about the official update?



– So this wasn’t the “update” I wanted to give you guys …

Still waiting on the Rogers Donut build drop, but …
wanted to go ahead and provide the progress I’ve made in the build
that doesn’t require donut.
Hopefully we’ll see that update soon!

– upgraded – compcache to 0.5.4 w/CONFIG_SWAP_FREE_NOTIFY patch
— backing-store enabled by default if linux-swap partition exists
– added – more performance tweaks
– added – Automatic SDCard Partition discovery
— now you can run linux-swap/cc-backing-store without an ext partition (w/out apps2sd)
– added – VSAPP’s can now be install to /data
– added – MT3G users can now uninstall vsapps (no-more sys-vsapps)
– added – option (#15) in expsetup to easily remove built-in apps (for the Stock lovers)
– added – HERO-Style Animations/Transitions
– altered – default swappiness set the 45
– Updated/Fixed – Build now registers as Donut DRC83/DRC92
—– This will STOP the OTA updates, and the Market is now fully functional using Donut build fingerprints.
– fixed – you now MUST disable compcache to run pure linux-swap (impossible to run both )
– fixed – long boot time for non-apps2sd users
— FirstBoot still takes a bit (be patient) … but after that … the boot FLYS!!!!
– removed – option 100 for myTouch users, vsapps now install to data


Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.