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  • 21 September, 2009

Enomthers TheOfficial TMO US/EU & HTC-ADP v1.8.4. Released

Enomther has released version v1.8.4 of his TheOfficial TMO ROMs which brings them in syng with his latest Rogers ROM for the TMobile G1 / Dream and MyTouch3G / Sapphire. His latest release has been tweaked and enhanced and now has the advanced launcher and better process prioritization to make things a little smoother.

Head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.




– added – Irrenhuas/Rogro82’s Advanced Launcher – Stock Themed – fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5×4/6×3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc
— PLEASE NOTE: “The Currently POST’d themes do not have a themed advanced launcher, I will be updating them as soon as possibly to include the new launcher.
– added – expsetup now reboots and flashes resources automatically (with consent)
– added – PID priotization from miketaylor’s script
— Smoothed out the UI a lil bit
— speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost
– added – option to disable PID priotization in expsetup
– added – updated APN list
– updated – lucid script to 1.60.5
— NOTE: This is now more compatible with “TheOfficial”, Thanks to LucidREM
— and you can use this to obtain the Meltus audio mods.
—- For example, to obtain Meltus v7 audio mod, run “lucid -au v7” in the terminal after su.