Google Support or Not – You cant get help!

Reports are coming from all over the Internet about huge numbers of problem reports for the Google Nexus One phone.  I can’t confirm if they are all valid problems or not but I can confirm that it’s almost impossible to contact google via any means except email or the support forums.

Don’t they get it!  They are now supporting a different type of product.  This isn’t another google application, it’s a critical piece of hardware that most people rely on everyday of their lives.

One of the major complaints that keeps appearing is the poor 3G performance.  Hundreds of people have reported issues with 3G connectivity and performance.  People have posted having T-Mobile G1’s sitting next to their Nexus One and the G1 gets a strong 3G signal where the Nexus One has none.

The other major complaint is the ordering system Google has implemented.  Customers who are long standing T-Mobile loyalists are complaing that even though they are eligible for a discounted phone purchase, the Google ordering system is rejecting them.

So for those of you who you who need more immediate support, I did find a post that stated Google’s support number as being 888-216-4736. I tried the number and it turned out to be HTC’s technical support number.  Better than nothing I guess!

For those of you experiencing any issues with the Google Nexus One, we’d love to hear about them in our Google Nexus One support forum.