KiNgxKxlick Espresso2G1 v0.1 Released

KingKlick has release his first version of a ROM based on the HTC Espresso ROM now converted to run on the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 / T-Mobile MyTouch.  You can find out more info on version 0.1 below:


Version 0.1

– Using the new Espresso UI
– FC`s when you swipe it at the moment
– Using the NEW widgets from the Espresso Dump
– A2SD is automatic! Just create that second Ext Partition!
– Linux-Swap enabled by default! Recommended size is 96MB~
– Partial, non blinking LED support!
– Using CM kernel with CFS, and 10MB RAM hack
– Zipaligning all apps now *thanks wes*
– My scripts are in /bin to use the old launcher, then clean it up if you please
– To use the old launcher, execute the binary “” with sh /system/bin/ This will delete rosie
– To clean it up, use “” with sh /system/bin/
– Included working Google Maps with Navigation
– Included HTC Peep *FC`s But…..*
– Included HTC Twitter widget, use the small one
– Added DockRunner
– Included HTC FootPrints
– Included HTC FootPrints Widget
– Included Android IM application from espresso *Working!*
– Included HTC Facebook! *should function normally*
– Using the Phone from Espresso
– Things Ill add here

Head over to KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developers Page to download this release, and for more information.