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  • 30 September, 2009

Location Service Failure on 3G

I’ve spent a few days trying to a fix a problem that I though was ROM related and as it turns out, it’s T-Mobile related.

A few days ago I started connecting at 3G speeds, which is new for our area.  I relaized a couple of days later that my location service would sometimes work and sometimes not.  So I’ve been changing settings, disabling and re-enabling the Use wireless network option for the location service.  Nothing seemed to get it working properly.

I then started changing back to TMO CRC1 ROMs, Rogers ROMs and all different versions to work out if it was maybe a library change or something in a later release.

Well, I started thinking about how the location service must work.  If they use the IDs of the cell towers to determine your location and I’m now on 3G, I wold assume that the new 3G signal has a different ID as both the 2G signal and the 3G both exist.  So maybe they haven’t got the location database up to date with the latest towers yet.

This may be right or wrong logic, but whatever it is, turning off 3G gave me an almost immediate location fix.

So this is just an FYI for you guys. If you have a location problem and your not using your GPS, try turning off your 3G network and see if it comes back on.

Hope this helps someone else out so you don’t have to go through what I just went through.