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  • 22 October, 2009

Mghtyred MghtyMax v1.9.1

Mghtyred MghtyMax v1.9.1 now added to AndroidStory.


1.9.1 – Added Flash support

1.9 Altered user.conf. Turned off Compache and went to straight linux-swap. Swappiness set at 60. This may be the FASTEST HERO ROM EVER.

Recommended linux-swap partition sizes:

G1: 128 MB Linux Swap
MT3G: 96 MB Linux Swap* (Not tested. If running laggy after rom settles try 128MB as well)

If you get the blurries on MT3G, use the blurries fix:


After the system settles, and everything is running nice and smoothly, shut down, reboot into recovery and flash this as a ROM. Don’t wipe, don’t remove partitions. Just flash the zip. Reboot, and no more blurries!

*This IS Maxisma 1.8 with the following changes:
Brought back PEEP due to popular demand (as is in Maxisma’s roms)
Include Backup for Root & Missed Calls apps, and a few added sounds.
Modded build.prop to allow use of T-Mo apps (My Account, My Faves)

Head over to Mghtyred’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.