[Review] SenseHERO-v1.0 Build

At this point, a Hero build really needs something special to stand out. All builds have some common issues, such as the inability to use the Bluetooth radio in the G1, the lack of a landscape orientation in the home screen and slowness. Since the Hero’s hardware is inherently different than the G1’s, these issues are to be expected. 

Ccyrowski’s new Sense Hero brings the latest version of Sense UI to the G1 and MyTouch. It seems the code in the HTC apps has been tightened up as they run snappier but the biggest change seems to be in the People widget. In previous Hero’s this widget was limited to a half screen strip view with icons for each contact in pairs which you could scroll through. The new version offers a revised strip widget as well as a full screen contacts widget. The latter is quite appealing.


It is an early version of this ROM which means you should not expect it to run perfectly. Still, though a few loading screens are found returning to Rosie, the ROM is surprisingly stable. I have yet to see a force close during use. The ROM is simple to install, especially if you’re running RA’s Recovery Image and the default settings work well and it includes all the standard apps you’ve come to expect from your Hero ROMs.

If you need Bluetooth or you need your phone to run as fast and smooth as a stock Cupcake build, you probably shouldn’t be considering running a Hero build anyway. You probably should look to a Cyanogen or Enomther ROM. 

If you are interested in running a Hero, you’re going to be met with many, many choices, all of which are pretty much the same at heart. Newer versions of these tend to be faster, featuring improved kernels but the core applications have remained the same. 

SenseHero boots silently and features a selection of wallpapers from Hero and Blur ROMs and the new Sense UI with the improved People widget. LEDs for charging and notifications are working with some customization options. With updates promised, this ROM is a Hero to watch out for.