MoDaCo Desire Custom ROM for Nexus One Alpha 17

MoDaCo has released another version of the Desire Custom ROM for the HTC/Google Nexus One.  Alpha 17 is the latest release and is now built from the official Desire ROM.

Known Issues

  • Bluetooth does not work reliably
  • FM Radio finds stations but does not produce any sound
  • Footprints camera view is rotated 90 degrees


Alpha 17

  • This update is based on 1.15.405.3, which is the Desire shipping ROM
  • Completely rebuilt everything from the ground up – please report any issues not shown in the ‘known issues’ above
  • Reverted HTC IME to stock version
  • Prebaked download is now available with or without MoDaCo additions

Alpha 16

  • Reworked Camera application modifications from scratch – pictures should now be better quality and the flash will now fire as accurately as on a real Desire
  • Fixed HTC Footprints
  • Updated Google Maps to 4.1

Head over to MoDaCo’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.