More Shots of Firefox Mobile Surface

As we all know, Mozilla has been diligently working on bringing Firefox (or Fennec as it’s known on the Mobile OS’s) to the Android Operating System. Two new pictures have surfaced at the Firefox for Mobile Facebook Page of both the Droid (pictured below), and Nexus One (pictured above), Android’s current hottest phones; running Fennec.

According to one of the developers who commented back to the Facebook users, they are still working and testing big time on the browser and that we should stay tuned. I can only help but feel with the speed at which the Mozilla team is working, it shouldn’t be long before we see a public beta hit the streets. Last we heard Fennec isn’t set to hit until sometime this year, but who knows maybe we’ll see it sooner than later? I suppose all we can do is sit back and twiddle our thumbs until all of us eager fans get to bask in the glory of running this on our phones.

How excited are you guys, because I for sure can’t sit still waiting for this browser.

[via Firefox for Mobile on Facebook]