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  • 25 January, 2010


Okay, we’re not anywhere close to 100 percent on this, but we just got a blurry screenshot of something we’re told is the Motorola MOTOSPLIT, a Snapdragon-powered Android set in the vein of the Droid with a totally wild split-horizontal sliding QWERTY keyboard. Yeah, we want one — it reminds us of the beloved Nokia 6820, although it’s much thinner. We’re told this thing is coming to AT&T in Q3, which makes sense; we’ve only pinned down three of Ma Bell’s five planned Android devices, and this would be a nice higher-end compliment to the Backflip. We’ll keep an eye out — and you let us know if you hear anything good, okay?

Update: Yes, we know it’s a render, sheesh. We have a bit of a history with Motorola and renders, you know.

Source: Engadget