MyTouch 3G Slide images leaked…did we go back to the future?

Remember the hoverboard in Back To The Future II? Well they added a QWERTY to it…

And this is supposedly the line to replace the Sidekick series? If this is indeed the MyTouch 3G Slide (aka HTC Espresso or MyTouch 2), good luck with that…I doubt we’ll be seeing it on the sidelines of any fashion runways.

Besides the rather unattractive lack of contour, rumored specs for the new handset include an optical pad, a camera with LED flash, a 1,300mAh battery, an external microSD card slot (not blocked by the battery), a HVGA 320 x 480 panel display and an ARM11 processor. No Snapdragon?

Anyway, it’s still rumored to be set for release on May 17th. Woohoo? 😉

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Source: DroidNinja via DroidDeveloper