OpenEclair v2.0 to support new features, new kernel, and 3D support

OpenEclair Boot Animation LogoThe OpenEclair team has been pretty quiet to the general public for a while now, but the developers, wesgarner and ChrisSoyars, have been hard at work getting the new version 2.0 of OpenEclair ready for public consumption.  With the help of a select few Alpha testers, the team has been working though many issues and bugs to hopefully release a stable version first time.

Some of the new additions to the project include 3D support (with full GPU acceleration), a brand new kernel designed by WesGarner which helps the build achieve “donut level speeds”, and a completely revamped MMS app.

Take a look at the pre-release changelog provided by Wes (below), and start getting excited for the imminent release of a public beta and a new official “stable” release.

Here is a small selection of things that are going to be included in OE 2.0:

* As few of bugs as I can get rid of
* A brand new WG-Kernel to support Eclair in its finest – boosting speeds to a Donut level
* Full 3D Support at great speeds
* Swappiness Available in SpareParts
* A revamped MMS application with complete customization that you get out of the 3rd part ones
(such as LED colors, Vibrate patterns, Background changing, Useragent Options)
* Fully working LWPs of all types with great speed and options on all of them (including all of the music visualizations and Nexus LWP with many nice themes including one of my own)
* JIT Availability
* 360 degree rotation as an option to let you text/tweet/e-mail upside down!
(all the while optimizing the speed of regular roation)
* A completely brand new A2SD by Chris that is built great to give you complete control on what should be installed where
* Revamped Settings
* Complete OpenVPN
* 100% working BT, WiFi, Sync, FB Sync, etc etc etc
* Added Vibrate Mode into the poweroff menu (where silent mode, airplane mode, etc will be)

A whole new experience in speed to give a G1/MT3G a new life with unsurpassed speed from any Eclair ROM

Current Wish list:
* Phone autorenice available to make your calls come in quickly
* Full Video support not only in YouTube but also with a Camcorder
* Reboot into Recovery option
* A perfect Launcher2 with all of the special effects and multi-orientation

Finally, I want this build to be as perfect as I can make it before it’s released
Even if I can’t get a release out by this weekend, it will be worth the wait

For news and release information about the latest OpenEclair versions, head over to the OpenEclair forums or load the OpenTeam AndroidStory Developers Homepage.

What would you like to see in the new version?